GRBPs After School Special

Grand Rapids, MI

Jun 15/17

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  1. well, this is awkward (Brian CIN, Robert, Mo, Sophie GR, David LNS)
  2. Polotariat (Benjamin CBUS, Jaxs DET, Louis GR, Colleen LNS, Alyssa STL)
  3. 7 (Garrett, Troy, Carmen, Luke, Claire LAF)
  4. The name of the team is coming later (AJ, Stas CIN, Matt CLE, Betsy, Jose IND)
  5. Occult Classics (Coco CHI, Joe, Natalie, Ilene CIN, Julia GR)
  6. Los Polos Hermanos (Allison, Rion, Matthew, Ryan GR)
  7. OPE! (Karl CHI, Mike Ross , Andrew DET, jWeeze, Princess Slaya LAF, Soundz NYC)
  8. You butt-chya (buttcrackjenny, Jeffrey, Avery, Anarchy Dave GR)
  9. Fresh Meat (Denny Savard , George, Adrian, Ryan CLE, Peanut Butter and Jerrod GR)