2015 Northside Regional Qualifier

Kitchener-Waterloo, ON

Jun 26/28

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  1. Lucky Fuckery (erynwynd, Justin, Kirsten TO)
  2. Trancendors (John, Shawn, Mike KWL)
  3. Poetry in Motion (Neill, Rob, Kris KWL)
  4. Split 'em (Shelley NYC, Nico PGH, paperplane SKN)
  5. Cuddly Otters (patricia, John, Nick TO)
  6. Sac Atak (chandel, Aaron, Shane TO)
  7. Victorious Secret (Carlos, Cameron, Quentin TO)
  8. Bond Villains (Zach NYC, Tex TO, Heffy VAN)
  9. The Ngai-sayers (James ARB, Adam LEX, Ngaihon TO)
  10. The Grit (Luke, Dom, Robbie OTT)
  11. Some wicked clever name (Addison BOS, Allan OTT, Oskar TO)
  12. Black Cats (Karate Jon, Lou, Matt CLE)
  13. Rolling Deep (Glen, Eric TO, Shane VIC)
  14. Sweet Bokeh (Tyzun, andrew, Jason KWL)
  15. Ratqueen (Hams LEX, Bird MAD, Natred NYC)
  16. Wes' Chips (Mitch, Wes, Brodie OTT)
  1. 1 cowboy & 2 Baguettes (Franck, Jesse, Olivier MTL)
  2. TBD (Germain, Vincent MTL, Raph MTL)
  3. Vince's Victorious Variety (Vince TO)