Sink dem Goals on Cinco de Mayo

Wausau, WI

May 5/ 7

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  1. Duck Duck Grey Duck (PM, Taylor MKT)
  2. Vin Diesel (Mark CHI, Bird MKE, Seth WAU)
  3. Gringos (Dylan MAD, Zack, D.J. MKE)
  4. Maaad tacos (Taco Tony, Kaylasagne, Jon MAD)
  5. FiveHole Goes West (Hunt, Tyler, Flynn MKE)
  6. Eso Si Que Es (Pere, Jesse, Matthew MAD)
  7. Hopscotch (Sean, Genghis, Jan MKE)
  8. Can we change our name? (peterman, Rachel, Gabe MPLS)
  9. disparos (Trevor ???)
  10. Croix Boixs (Mr Do, Dr Hops, Steve Goose MPLS)
  11. To The Pain (Ryan, Steener, Ryan GBY)
  12. Amateur Hour (P-Dubz, Gambler, Evan MPLS)
  13. NOPE (Alex MKT, c. MPLS)
  14. Cholos of Polo ("Zac", BigDaddyStreets MKE)
  15. Dangerous Hooker Hunters (Rob CHI, Ben, Josh MAD)
  16. Hot Sauce (Karl DEC, Michael MAD, Brian MKT)