The Commonwealth Classic

Boston, MA

Oct 17/19

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  1. Happy Little Accidents (christina, Shelley NYC, Twiggy VAN)
  2. Ginko Polova (Graham, Alan BOS, Carter LNS)
  3. Gold Tooths (Charlotte BOS, david CLE, Jackie PDX)
  4. Get In The Van (Jav, Jamie, Nick BOS)
  5. Epola (James ARB, Ben DAV, Taco Tony MAD)
  6. Kaleidoscope (Nick, Raddison, Johan BOS)
  7. Rat King (Natred, Zach, Rob NYC)
  8. Zumbadores (Rube, Motete, Jan SJU)
  9. The Means (Chris NYC, Nick RVA, Tex TO)
  10. Heirloom Polo (Robby, Tony, Cole BOS)
  11. Riot Juice (Other Mike, Jace, Ryan BOS)
  12. Marz Barz (Amelia, Mars BOS, Brent CLE)