Crank Gamble 4

Las Vegas, NV

Sep 19/20

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  1. hoOt iT aNd boOt iT (Cory, Lou LAS, TiNMAN OSA)
  2. Ashy Balloon Knot (Michael, BIG BOY !, Sean SDG)
  3. Tina & The Turners (Justin GR, Tate, Tina SLC)
  4. PIPER UNITED (todd, Tim, Brian DEN)
  5. Brigham Youngsters (Kevin MOLO, Anthony, Carlos SLC)
  6. All Our Flaws (Robin, Stu, Lucky Dave ABQ)
  7. peDal jUnkies (Bobbi ATX, Tea FAT, Krista LA)
  8. Mom's Meatloaf (Jordo, Rocco, Martin-Lynch SDG)
  9. Rick flair (Ryan, Mike LAS, Skid Vicious SDG)
  10. No Ragrets (CabrĂ³n ABQ, Dave LAS, Nic SAL)
  11. Lou's Cannon (Ignacio SLC, tbd WTF)