Seattle, WA

Aug 8/ 9

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  1. Pretty Toned (tony, Jess, Danielle SEA)
  2. Echo (Dustin, Sterling, Emmet SEA)
  3. ECO Terrorists (Blaze, Ringer, T.B.A.G. PDX)
  4. cut throats (Jesse, Mark, Dasha VAN)
  5. Shame! 🔔 (Howl BOS, Frankie, jake SEA)
  6. Towers (Andrew, Ben VAN, Carol WLG)
  7. Me and My Two Dads (Captain CVO, Meghan SEA)
  8. The Control (Shitty, Forrest, Ace SF)
  9. Jagwolves (Maxxx, scooter, Elliot SEA)
  10. Zoltan (David CBUS, Air In Hand, Fletcher PDX)
  11. Almost Tight... (DrewT PDX, kouyo, Redbeard SEA)
  12. ¥º ₧ (donnie LA, Stiven SEA, Mrk Dvs SF)
  13. Tiiiiiiiiiight (Arlyn, Dana, J-Lo PDX)
  14. Ginga Ninjas (Jenna, Nicky, Laura VAN)
  15. Albatross (jake, JT, Smarsh SEA)
  16. Poop Eaters (clamchowda BOS, Eric OLY)
  17. Cowardly Lions (Wade, Blazar SEA, Leon TAC)
  18. MURDER (Miguel, Elise, Sasha ATX)
  19. The Dinguses (Tex, Spencer, Julien SEA)
  20. Put Some Mustard On It (Logan, Justin SEA)
  21. The Paul Bunyans (Fred SEA, Eryn VAN)
  22. First Blood (Philthy Courier, Elijah SEA)
  23. Unfashionably Late (paul, Andre', Evan SEA)
  24. Instant Mix (Silly, Silly, Silly SEA)