Fall Ballin 9

Toronto, ON

Oct 4/ 6

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  1. The Meteor from the movie Armageddon (Salem AVL, Arnold, John NYC, Alen SF)
  2. Onions (Nico, Christopher, Alison, Ben PGH, Daniel TO)
  3. Dumb as Hell (Jonathan ANC, Charlie BUF, Hunt MKE, Shane, Aaron TO)
  4. Slime Ballin (Neill, Rob, christina KWL)
  5. Taco Donnggg Crunch Wrap Supreme (Keizzy, James ARB, James, Yeizo DC)
  6. Hackin Darts 'n' Breaking Hearts (Spencer ANC, Kevin WPG)
  7. Significant Otters (Dirkbag PHL, Bustin, John, Gabe TO)
  8. Coucou (Jeanne MTL, Quentin TO)
  9. Four Slayers (Liam, Matt, Scott OTT)
  10. Clever Team Name (Peanut Butter and Jerrod GR, Colleen LNS, ShowBoat OTT)
  11. Ominous Crunching Sound (Robert GR, Tex, Ngaihon, Niko TO)
  12. Fire Prout (Germain, Matthieu MTL)
  13. Open Mouth G.O.A.T. Kisses (Alan, Nick, Ryan, Kevin BOS)
  14. dopameme (John KWL, Eric, Sasha TO)