Eastside Frost 2014

Washington, DC

Dec 5/ 7

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  1. Hot Mulled Cider With Dino Jizz (Hams LEX, Natred, Zach NYC, Heffy VAN)
  2. Frost Eeze (Keegan, Ann DC, DJirty NYC, Chad PGH, Lori Philly)
  3. STAR HEELS (Joel, Kevin AVL, Melanie, Kyle, Meesh RDU)
  4. Stay off the fuckin' flowers (Elton CHS, Durkee, Sean, Chad RDU, James RVA)
  5. GLDTTH (Charlotte, Juanma BOS, Jackie PDX, Kiki TO)
  6. Lancaster Unidos (Alex, Matthew, Horse, Matt, Carter LNS)
  7. Are You Okay? (Daniel CHO, Shonnell DC, Andrew NYC, Jody SF)
  8. In Yo Face! (Shelley NYC, Rob, Tommy Philly, Ben RVA)
  9. Churonno (Mitch OTT, Aaron, John, Eryn, Shane, Justin TO)
  10. Pizza Trees (Alias, Steve, Eric DC, Kyle LNS, Nico PGH)
  11. Slip n Slide (Bobby, Hassan, Bruce, Mike, Jess DC)