Great Lakes Winter Classic 2015

Toronto, ON

Mar 6/ 8

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  1. Torontosaurus Rex (Chris, Genghis, Tom MKE)
  2. Panamerican Poseurs (Jillian CRZ, Ben DAV, Taco Tony MAD)
  3. 1 Cowboy & 2 Baguettes (Franck, Jesse, Olivier MTL)
  4. The Royals (Cleftin, Ned MLB, Smarsh SEA)
  5. M.A.D (Dirkbag PHL, Aaron, Oskar TO)
  6. Significant Otters (Nico PGH, John, Nick TO)
  7. Cold Shoulders (Shannon, Andrew, Mark VAN)
  8. team go apricots (Neill, Rob, Kris KWL)
  9. Triple Deke (Kevin, Ngaihon TO, Shane VIC)
  10. Without An I (Jess, Mike DC, Sean NYC)
  11. facesofts (Stephen DUB, Taffy LEX, Heffy VAN)
  12. SaChaOs (Oscar CHI, chandel, Sara TO)
  13. Enchanted Flamingoes (Rob, Matt CHI, PARTI YOUNG TO)
  14. Off In The Corner (Adam ARB, Alias DC, Hams LEX)
  15. Slayersonics (El Chiquishorts MPLS, Will, paperplane SKN)
  16. Must Dash Riders (Shawn KWL, Carlos, GoldSprints TO)
  17. Jiggy Jelly (Shelley NYC, Justin TO, Twiggy VAN)
  18. Bread Knife Fight (Allan, Dom OTT, Eric TO)
  19. The Three Dudes's (Cameron, Quentin, Phil TO)
  20. Polo Ties (Rose, Gillian CHI, keean GR)
  21. Snack Sabbath (Megan CHI, Nick MPLS, Kiki TO)
  22. Hot Salami (James ARB, Cardboard GR, Emma SEA)
  23. Make it so (John, Shawn, Mike KWL)
  24. Rat King (Natred, Zach NYC, Shane TO)
  1. Rusty tricks (Vincent MTL, Mathieu, Mathieu MTL)