Great Lakes Winter Classic 2018

Toronto, ON

Mar 1/ 4

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  1. Significant Otters (John, Nick, Alex TO)
  2. License 2 Chill (Tex, Oskar, Ngaihon TO)
  3. Silly Putty (David, SLIME BOY CBUS, Betsy IND)
  4. Fixed Tears (Eli, Daniel, Luke TO)
  5. Ope (Louis GR, Calebtru LNS)
  6. Straight Off The Couch (James ARB, Aaron, Shane TO)
  7. Weird Beards (Chris CIN, Bird MKE, Natred NYC)
  8. Meet Me in Margaritaville (Wes, Brodie OTT, Kirsten TO)
  9. Fractals (Alex BCH, James DC, chandel TO)
  10. Toronto Underdog Rookie Dirtbag Squad (Gabe, Eric, Zev TO)
  11. KVT (Keizzy ARB, Vince, Tyler TO)
  12. 🧀🍳 (Erica, Zach, Andrew NYC)
  13. Dufferin Chess Club (patricia, Gavin, Niko TO)
  14. Dumpling House (Cailyn CBUS, Lou, Karate Jon CLE)
  15. The KW Heat (John, Neill, Shawn KWL)
  16. PTM (Peter CBUS, Taco Tony, Matthew MAD)
  17. Threat Level Midnight (Nico PGH, Giblet$ SLC, Alison TLH)