Northside Squalifier 2017

Ottawa, ON

May 26/28

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  1. Team Kate (Gavin OTT, Cameron, Kate, Alex, Niko TO)
  2. Kdub (Neill, Rob KWL, Channing OTT)
  3. Team Wes (Jonathan ANC, Alan CIN, Angelo, Wes OTT, Bustin, patricia TO)
  4. Montreal (Germain, Matthieu, Vincent MTL, Raph, Dolly MTL)
  5. Significant Otters (John, Nick, Kirsten TO)
  6. Team Aaron (James ARB, chandel, Aaron, Shane TO)
  7. Team Oskar (Charlie BUF, Bird MKE, Tex, Oskar, Ngaihon TO)
  8. Valley (Luke, Dana, Dom, Robbie, Brodie OTT)
  9. Outsiders (David, SLIME BOY CBUS, Taco Tony, Kaylasagne MAD)