NYCee You In Hell- Halloween Tourney

New York, NY

Oct 27/28

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  1. Horseless Headzmen (Matt MAD, Andrew, Soundz NYC)
  2. TBD (Natred, Sam NYC)
  3. Tree Spirits (Shelley, Arnold, Em NYC)
  4. BBBLLLTTT (Joe MPLS, Megan PHL)
  5. Bee-bers (clamchowda BOS, Yve NYC, tbd WTF)
  6. Business Casualties (Dave NYC, Steve PHL, tbd WTF)
  7. Viva La Resistance! (clearflowers, David NYC, tbd WTF)
  8. FunFunFun (Deco NYC, tbd WTF)
  9. Marco, Frank, Zach (Zach NYC, tbd WTF)
  10. Madmax, & Han (tbd WTF)