Riverside Spring Opener

West Lafayette, IN

Apr 15/16

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  1. two tylers and a jan (Tyler BLM, Tyler LAF, Jan MKE)
  2. triceratops (Trashman, Jose, Aaron IND)
  3. #teamyoungjoebiden (Clinton CHI, Em, Betsy IND)
  4. Michigan Love Fest (Calebtru, David, Nikki LNS)
  5. Snake Charmershu (Jonathan ANC, Tomohiko CHI, Hunt MKE)
  6. Pick up gets my dick up (Matthew CHI, Ryan, Wood, GR)
  7. Mutated Seabass (James, Keizzy ARB, Ilene CIN)
  8. OG Emoji (Crop-Top, Mags COMO, Kalei DEC)
  9. Cincinasty (Natalie CBUS, Chris CHI, A.J. LOU)
  10. Centennial Phantom Jedi (Titus, Troy, John LAF)
  11. Man Candy (Tommy, Jesse MAD, D.J. MKE)
  12. Virtuous Cycles (Garrett, Justin, Desiree LAF)
  13. OGG-G (Zachary BLM, Stas CIN, Thomas LAF)
  14. Saggy Noodle (Rob CHI, Sean, Genghis MKE)
  15. no really (Andy, Sam, Alex LAF)
  16. lafayettes still for lovers (Peter, Cailyn, Spencer CBUS)
  17. evanneal (Neal, Evan IND, tbd WTF)