The Masters 2016

Indianapolis, IN

Aug 19/20

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  1. Ancient Chinese Secret (Matt MKE, MESSMANN SEA, Claire SYD)
  2. Whistle Dick Tips (Nick IND, Thomas LAF, Stas LEX)
  3. Pelican (Hams, Matt LEX, Horse LNC)
  4. OhioPals (David CBUS, Matt CLE, Bruce MPLS)
  5. Livingston, Waldo, and Pokemon (Bruce, James, Steve DC)
  6. Gray Bush (Tomohiko, Ryan CHI, Bobby FTM)
  7. sweating with the oldies (k. CBUS, Cardboard GR, Chris LEX)
  8. Woo Girls (Betsy IND, Dr. Polo LNS, Tommy MAD)
  9. TRICERATOPS (Trashman, Jose, Aaron IND)
  10. Rustproof (Karate Jon CLE, Joe SAC, ryan SF)
  11. Vermicious Knid Free Since 83 (Clinton CHI, Paulie Walnuts IND, chu MEM)
  12. Non-Dentures Servants (Rob CHI, Genghis MKE, Mr Do MPLS)
  13. Something Old and Witty (Zachary BLM, Nick DET, Keith IND)
  14. Aged like Kentucky Bourbon (AJ CIN, Brian DEN, Neal IND)
  15. The Great Lakesters (James ARB, David LNS, Josh PDX)
  16. Gonads the Res-Erection (Nick IND, KCJ, Chris JAX)
  1. That Indy Funk (Chris CIN, Neal IND, Adam LEX)