Frozen Louis IV

Winnipeg, MB

Feb 17/20

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  1. Subtle Bees (Tendo CLG, paperplane SKN, leftyzach WPG)
  2. Winnipeg, Eh? (Justin CLG, Gregory, Will SKN)
  3. Code Brown (JB, Sub, Hippie WPG)
  4. Grass Mike and the One Hitters (Robson, Thom, Grass CLG)
  5. Crappy Fous (Matt, Kevin, Kevin WPG)
  6. the SJWs (Matt SKN, Greg, Aaron WPG)
  7. Shreddiez (Lee, Zach SKN, Wooz WPG)
  8. Mallet Salad (Whitney, Dave, Dave WPG)
  9. Pladdy Pussies (Mark, maybe, maybe WPG)
  10. Working Class Heroes (Kristie, Tizzard, nolan WPG)
  11. Big Smokas (Sam, Aiden, Jayzen WPG)